Mindfulness Basics Book coverI am a UK-based mindfulness teacher and writer. I am the author of Mindfulness: How To Live Well By Paying Attention and co-author of The Mindful Manifesto: How Doing Less And Noticing More Can Help Us Thrive In A Stressed-Out World. I lead public mindfulness courses, workshops and retreats in London, Surrey and Sussex, and have introduced and taught mindfulness in organisations such as Citibank, UNICEF UK, TBWA\London and Ardingly College.

I am on the faculty of the School of Life in London, and regularly speak and write on mindfulness-related topics, most often for the Guardian and Mindful.

I am a partner in Mindfulness Sussex, MindfulFacebook logoness London, Mindfulness Retreats and Work With Mindfulness, and co-direct The MinFollow EdHalliwell on Twitterdfulness Initiative, which is supporting the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness to develop mindfulness-based policies for the UK.

I alsoMindful Manifesto cover wrote the Be Mindful report for the Mental Health Foundation and am a co-teacher on the Foundation's Be Mindful Online training course.

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