ed at the school of lifeMy work has been covered in a range of media. Below are some examples of interviews, reviews and features.

Meet Ed Halliwell, lads' mag editor turned mindfulness expert (The Telegraph)

Clean and Clear (Psychologies)

Ed Halliwell on mindfulness (Mental Health Foundation video)

Mental Health Awareness Week 2015: An interview with Ed Halliwell (Welldoing.org)

Into The Heart of Mindfulness (Action for Happiness). Video podcast interview with Ed Halliwell, below.

What Happens When I Meditate (Healthy magazine).

The Mindful Manifesto: An interview with Ed Halliwell (Tricycle)

Stars' meditation technique gains mental health experts' approval (The Observer).

Happiness is...all in the mind (Mail on Sunday).

Mindful Manifesto: Book of the year (Mail On Sunday)

2 Helpful Practices For Easing Into Mindfulness (PsychCentral)

Interview with Ed Halliwell (Everyday Mindfulness)

Present Moment podcast: Interview on the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group (Present Moment)

Psychologies Magazine Book Club video interview (Psychologies)

An interview with Ed Halliwell (Life After Pain)

The Mindful Manifesto: Awareness, Engagement and Choice (Psychology Today)

Mindfulness for a Mindless Age (Psychology Today)

A Mindfulness Manifesto (Buddhist Geeks)

The Mindful Manifesto - Book Review (Wildmind)

The Mindfulness Manifesto: It's Time To Transform Your Life And The World (PsychCentral)

Stressed Out? Try mindfulness meditation (Globe and Mail)

Meditation Teachers Reveal Their Favorite Ways To Meditate (PsychCentral)

How to Eat Mindfully: Q and A with Ed Halliwell (PsychCentral)

3 Tips for Being Mindful At Work (PsychCentral)

What is mindfulness? (Benendon)

Interview with Ed Halliwell (Shamash Alidina.com)

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