ed at wilderness festival 2014Ed speakingI regularly speak about mindfulness at public and corporate events, lead workshops, and chair or take part in panels. See below for a few examples of public events, and see here for corporate work. Please contact me if you would be interested in my speaking to or working with your audience.

Into The Heart of Mindfulness (RSA)

Into The Heart of Mindfulness (Latitude Festival)

Into The Heart of Mindfulness (Althorp Literary Festival)

Guardian Masterclass: Mastering Mindfulness

Innocent Unplugged Festival

Jon Kabat-Zinn on Mindfulness (School of Life event)

Life With Law: Making The Most of The Moment

Now Live Events - Mindfulness at The Wilderness Festival

Alternatives London - How To Live Well By Paying Attention (click to listen to event)

Alternatives London - The Mindful Manifesto (audio below) 1 2

Interrogate Happiness Festival

Play's The Thing Conference

Mindfulness In Schools Conference

National Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference, Dublin

I AM live screening and debate, Empire Cinema, Leicester Square

Mindfulness In Schools (An Introduction)

School of Life Self-Help Summit (see video below)

Mindfulness: The Key To A Healthier Society? - Debate at the RSA in London, with Ed Halliwell, Tim Parks and Jonty Heaversedge.

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