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Be Mindful Report

I proposed, developed and wrote the Mental Health Foundation's Be Mindful report, which looks at how mindfulness can be an effective treatment for depression and other health issues. The report spearheaded the Foundation's campaign to promote greater use of mindfulness-based approaches in the NHS. It was published in 2010. Visit the Be Mindful website.

Mindful Nation UK Report

I was co-editor of the Mindful Nation UK report, published by the Mindfulness All-Party Parlimentary Group in October 2015. You can read the full report here.


I have written more than 40 pieces on mindfulness and and related subjects for The Guardian, Below is a selection:

Mindfulness: has it been hijacked by business or can it change lives?

How to enjoy living in the present moment

Mindfulness: The Altered State of America

Meditation is an emotional rollercoaster

You don't need the 'right' kind of zafu to be a Buddhist

Mindfulness: Beyond The Science.

Buddhism In Education

The Mindful Enlightenment

Suffering doesn't have to be worthless

How do you get to Nirvana? Practice

Buddhism beats depression

Self-help can be no help

Between the rational and the mystical

A sense of self

The magic of ordinary experience

Reasons to be cheerful

End-Of-Life Issues

War itself makes war more likely

I have also written about mindfulness for publications such as The Times, Mindful and Shambhala Sun. See selection below:

How the cure to your illness is all in your mindfulness (The Times). Unedited version - read the version published in the Times (paywall alert).

Finding Your Way (Mindful) If you take up the practice of meditation, the journey will go far beyond stress reduction. Here are some of the qualities you’ll discover and explore as you travel.

Mainstreaming Mindfulness (Shambhala Sun). A feature review covering new books in the mindfulness field: The Emotional Life of Your Brain by Richard Davidson, A Mindful Nation by Tim Ryan and Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan.

Ed Halliwell on mindfulness (School of Life) Expecting meditation to 'make me better', perhaps based on the results of clinical studies, may well sabotage the practice, whose benefit comes partly from letting go of the tendency to grasp for results...

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